Friday, April 18, 2008

Remember when Republicans hated commies and only bought American?

It's kind of hard to imagine Ronald Reagan sending business to the U.S.S.R.? But maybe he would have if the Soviets had a couple of billion union-free laborers willing to make make American Girl Dolls on the cheap. Of course, if he did, the Soviets probably wouldn't have gone broke and probably wouldn't have collapsed. For some reason it's okay to do business with totalitarian regimes when it keeps the prices lower.

Of course, the U.S.'s current economic problems couldn't have anything to do with the idea that money and jobs are being shipped out of the country, by the barrel loads, to people who don't spend a cent on U.S. products.

It's kind of hard to imagine Teddy Roosevelt selling out Americans, that he had done so much to protect, to nations that don't recognize the basic rights for workers that he had fought to make law.

What happened to old Jack Arnold who lost buddies in the Korean war and would rip a new one to anyone with a touch of red?

What happened to the Republicans?

They still have their American Flags held up high, never mind that made in China sticker stitched in the corner.

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