Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Favorite Posters: Phoenix Classic - 1986

By Rick Leonardi & Terry Austen

I had this vintage poster on my wall for many years as a kid but when I got out of highschool it was so beat up that I just threw it away. A few years back I went on an ebay spree of coveting old posters that I loved as a kid and just today I found I owned the poster, rolled in brand new condition, not even realizing that I had it after spending a couple of days searching the web for any image I could find of this (the only ones I have been able to find were either very small or in black and white). Since it bugged me so much that I couldn't find this, I'm putting it up here so anyone else who wants to find this has a source to draw from... truly one of the coolest X-Men images ever from the era that X-Men was actually cool (as opposed to overexposed and impossible to follow).