Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Twin Peaks Revival Character Update

The Twin Peaks Characters We Know As They Are Going Into The Showtime Series

Obviously Twin Peaks is the entertainment talk of the internet this week. So I'm not going to add a lot of commentary here. All I'll say for now is that I am excited enough by this right now that I'm posting my first post on this blog in years. Whether anyone reads it... well, whatever...

So this list, for now, only includes the characters we already know from the original TV series and the movie and is to sort out where they are going into the series. These are spoilers because this information comes from what we learn in the series (with the information available as of Part 4, which is as far as we can stream online so far). If you think I'm missing or misreading something, let me know. I am a geek for Twin Peaks but I'm far from an authority.

Special Agent Dale Cooper 
He has been stuck in the Red Room/Black Lodge for 25 years. As far as the FBI is concerned, Dale Cooper has been missing for the last 25 years so at least his evil doppelgänger that replaced him hasn't been living his life. He seems like he's ready to leave but he's also really patient.

Dale’s Evil Dopplegänger 
Is he Bob? He acts more like a tough guy than a serial killer/rapist. And Leland also wasn't stuck in the Red Room when Bob possessed him. Let's not overthink it. He replaced Dale in the real world and he's a really bad guy. He's destined to return to the Red Room when the real Dale is released but thinks he has a way to cheat destiny. Someone has a contract out on him to be killed but he doesn't know who.

Another Dale dopplegänger who is a bit of a schlub. He is wearing the ring of doom from Fire Walk With Me and has been targeted to be murdered (Perhaps by Evil Dale to get rid of real Dale? Perhaps by whomever wants the other dopplegänger  dead?). He was apparently created for "a purpose" (probably to take the evil dopplegänger's place so wouldn’t have to return to the red room).

James Hurley 
was in a motorcycle accident some time back. He's obviously moved on from Donna and seems to be carrying a torch for one of Shelly's friends. Shelly and James had little to no interaction with each other in the original series.

(Presumably no longer Johnson) has aged well and seems to be doing well for herself. She has a daughter whom is engaged but she thinks that her daughter’s fiancé is the wrong man for her. She thinks James is “cool” but it’s not clear if that has any weight to it yet. There is another guy who makes eye contact with her that she seems to have some connection with but it seems like there is some tension there as well.

Ben Horne 
He still runs the Great Northern Hotel. His brother Jerry has become an old hippy with a profitable legal Marijuana enterprise.

The Log Lady 
She is old and sick but still gives prophetic advice from her log over the phone.

Andy and Lucy 
are pretty much the same as they were except older now and they have an odd son who is played by Michael Cera doing a (purposefully) campy young Brando impression.

Bobby Briggs 
is now a sheriff’s deputy in Twin Peaks. He is very sensitive, almost tearful, about the subject of Laura Palmer.

still works for the Sheriff department and still is very capable.

Sheriff Truman 
Harry has been sick and his brother Frank is the current sheriff.

Sarah Palmer 
is still chain smoking but is living alone, seems to watch a lot of TV, (taking an interest in animals mauling each other) and does not do much upkeep.

Doctor Jacoby 
has been living out in the country working on a project that he’s discreet about. It isn’t clear at this point what he's up to except that he’s painting shovels gold.

Albert and Gordon
still work for the FBI and have been concerned about Dale Cooper since his disappearance years ago.

(The transgender FBI agent that is friends with Cooper) has a higher up position in the FBI now which places her above Gordon and Albert.

Laura Palmer
Her spirit appears to Dale in the red room just as she promised she would 25 years earlier. She tells Dale that he can leave now. She has aged (well). She mentions that she is dead but also alive and it’s not exactly clear if that just means that she’s a spirit or something else.

Leland Palmer
His spirit also appears in the Red Room and urges Cooper to “find Laura”. Does this have something to do with Laura's comment? Does Laura have a role outside of the Red Room/Black Lodge?

The Giant 
Appears in the Red Room to once again give cryptic and prophetic advice to Dale.

makes appearances in front of Dale in the red room. It appears that Mike is stuck there in some sort of a loop of consciousness but perhaps Mike and the Giant are just spirit hosts of some sort. We never really got an explanation why Mike appears as Phillip Gerard (his host from 25 years ago) in the Black Lodge, while Bob had his own appearance. We probably won't get much of a clear explanation of any of it so just imagine it how you see it.

Mike’s Arm 
(Who previously had a dwarf-like appearance), also appears in the red room but has evolved into a strange plant creature.

I'll update this as this goes but remember, this is just information about the characters as they come into the new show (which is of course is information provided by the new show) but it does not tell what happens from that point on. Maybe I'll do that as another post after the season is over.