Thursday, November 10, 2011

DC New 52 Review: Action Comics #3

Action Comics #3
Written by Grant Morrison
Pencils by Rags Morales & Gene Ha
Inks by Rick Byrant
& Gene Ha
Cover Price: $3.99

In a nutshell:
Superman has a bad day, Krypton rocks!

This issue begins with a flashback sequence featuring Superman's birth-parents in his last days of Krypton. Gene Ha supplies the art for this sequence and while I normally don't like it when two artists with conflicting styles share a book, Ha is the perfect artist to present Krypton (which is why I've chosen to display the alternate cover featuring Ha's art) and the Krypton sequences are separated from the present day in a way that frames it well. In the present day Superman has found that the corrupt corporate interests that he's been up against own the media and has been turning public support against him. This hits him pretty hard and he takes it personally. Both the Krypton sequence and the present day sequence seem appear to be setting us up to introduce the new version of Braniac.

Why did I pick it up?
Action is the best book DC is putting out right now!

The Good:
Gene Ha's art is fantastic and is perfect for Krypton. You gotta hope that Morrison and Ha do a World of Krypton mini series after reading the prologue in this issue. Morales is continuing to do the great job he's been doing. Other fans have told me that they think his work has a Mark Bagely vibe going on and that's what I was feeling as well, except I think this is better than Bagely's art. This world feels real to me. Superman may have powers but he's living in our world with all the screwed up politics, corporate interests, and the really hostile media environment. I'm enjoying his relationship with Jimmy Olson, whose update feels perfect for this book, and I hope that that will be a staple in the book from this point forward.

The Bad:
The extras in this book featured the creative decisions behind the other Superman family books, none of which interest me as much as Action, and instead of feeling like cool extras like they did in the last issue when it focused on Action, it felt like all the other marketing crap that comics are filled with.

Is it worth it?
While the present day sequence didn't give us quite as much meat as I would have liked, it does seem to be setting us up for some cool excitement ahead and the Krypton sequence leaves me in anticipation for more! Action continues to be my must read book each month!

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