Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bring Back The Original Pizza Pit Devil Logo

Petitioning the Pizza Pit Franchise to bring back the orginal devil logo!

For those of us who grew up in Madison in the 70s and 80s, Pizza Pit WAS pizza! There is still nothing quite like a piece of greasy Pizza Pit pizza with that spicy sauce... mmmm (unless it's from one of the franchise locations that Pizza Extreme bought so they could run them into the ground into the ground by using Pizza Pit's name to peddle their own inadequate thin crust pizza (their stuffed pizza is excellent though). You can still count on the East Wash and Fish Hatchery locations to bring you the original recipe with pretty consistent quality.

Why was the logo changed to that, now out of date logo, that looks like it was designed for a neon sign? Were their religious groups upset about a devil for a logo? In Madison? It's not like devils aren't used playfully all over the place, especially not an issue in one of the most progressive cities in the country. If the Pizza Pit brand has been run into the ground by pour management, it's those of us who love it that lose. Let us suggest to the powers that be at Pizza Pit, that a step in the right direction is "bringing it home" and nothing is more symbolic to that than bringing back the logo we identified as "Madison's pizza", the pizza that was always at the Willy St. Fair back in the day, that had huge pizzas by the slice in the malls, that East High students still trek over to for their lunch, and that has that spicy sauce that no one can beat! There are other great pizzas in Madison, but nothing brings it home like Pizza Pit!

I recreated the logo in Adobe Illustrator off an image I found on the web (not that it isn't one of the simplest logos to recreate). If the Pizza Pit people are ready to submit to our demands and bring back the original devil logo, I will happily make it available to them if they don't have a vector EPS file.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure it was over religious fanatics getting pissed over it for no real reason. I know someone that has worked there for 15+ years, so he'll have the correct answer. He actually has an extra large box with that logo at his house. I'll update you whenever I talk to him again.

MagnetDude said...

The reason the logo was changed was because at the time Pizza Pit was trying to go national and franchise. The marketing agency handling the company recommended that they lose the devil if they plan on opening any stores in the Bible Belt. Thus the devil was dropped and the lightning bolt was used. This happened around 1983 or so. The motto "Devilishy Good Pizza" was also replaced with "Lightning Fast Delivery"
I'd love to see them go back to the original, but I don't see it happening anytime soon.