Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Charter's Adventures In Phone Service

I'm going to allow people to judge this for themselves. You can tell me in your comments if you think this is the level of service we should expect from a land phone line provider.

This is the online dialog between myself and customer support representative:

Thank you for choosing Charter Chat Live! A Customer Care representative from Telephone Support will be with you shortly.
You have been connected to TTM Beth .
TTM Beth : Hello, my name is Beth. Welcome to the Charter. How may I help you today?
Todd Novak: My phone modem is down and we were supposed to have the number forwarded to our cell but it seems to not be working..
TTM Beth : I understand your concern with the phone service. I would be more than happy to help you with this issue. May I ask whom I am speaking with please?
Todd Novak: It's still giving a busy signal when people try to call. This is Todd Novak.
TTM Beth : Thank you Mr Novak. May I have the telephone number and full name listed on your billing account as well as the full address at which you reside?
Todd Novak:
Todd Novak: Todd Merrick Novak
Todd Novak: xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx, xxxxxxx, xx xxxxx
TTM Beth : Thank you, can you verify the security code found on the front of your Charter bill? It is located in the upper right hand corner and is 4 digits long.
Todd Novak: xxxx
TTM Beth : Thank you. How did you set up the call forwarding feature. Did you set up unconditional or regular call forwarding?
Todd Novak: I don't know. I was talking to the phone support people and he told me a technician wouldn't be by until tomorrow so I asked if my calls could be forwarded.
Todd Novak: He did say I would have to call again to end that service when things were running.
TTM Beth : One moment please.
Todd Novak: The cell phone I would like my calls to be forwarded to is (xxx) xxx-xxxx
TTM Beth : Thank you for waiting, I'm sorry but it takes between 24 to 72 hours for this to be set up.
Todd Novak: So basically I have to go that long or until the technician gets here tomorrow for my phone to stop giving people busy signals? That can't be right...
Todd Novak: I can't afford to have my phone number out of service that long...
TTM Beth : I am sorry but we will have a technician out tomorrow.
Todd Novak: No, I had this problem before and my number was forwarded without any problem right away.
TTM Beth : I will request this be set up but it can take between 24-72 hour for completion. I will send the form now.
Todd Novak: Can I have the direct phone number to the department that handles that service?
TTM Beth : No, I'm sorry there isn't a direct line, I will send them a form via email.
Todd Novak: Someone there has a phone. I would like someone to contact me within an hour.
TTM Beth : I can not guarantee they will call you but I will submit this request. What number can you be reached at?
Todd Novak:
Todd Novak: This is very important. I'm am expecting critical calls today.
Todd Novak: Is there a voice mail service that calls can go to?
TTM Beth : I understand and will submit this request, no there isn't anything else we can do at this time. I am sorry.
Todd Novak: Tell your managers that they need to work on that or they will not keep customers. Phone service is not internet or cable tv. Lives can depend on it!
TTM Beth : I understand, that is why we do send a technician out within 24 hours. Is there anything else?
Todd Novak: No.
TTM Beth : I see that you have the Unlimited Long Distance Package with 10 features which is a great choice. I do want to let you know that we offer 3 way calling in your area. This would enable you to talk with 2 of your friends or family at the same time. Would you like to add that to your account today?
Todd Novak: This probably isn't the best time to try to sell me on an upgrade.
TTM Beth : I certainly understand. Thanks.
TTM Beth : I would like you to know about an exciting new program we are now offering! Live it with Charter is a free program which offers members an opportunity to earn points per dollar spent on Charter products or services. Save your points and earn great prizes such as Charter services, enter sweepstakes or even trips and other large prizes. It is very easy to register for the program. Just log on to and sign up today and start earning those points.
TTM Beth : I will notate your account of our chat today about . Thank you for entrusting me with your concerns. For all other Charter inquiries please call 1-888-438-2427. You may visit our website anytime at to manage your account, make payments as well as review all our wonderful products.
If you require further assistance, go to
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

I did receive that call within the hour and my number was forwarded to the cell from that point on. So I guess the moral to the story is, be persistent and a little bit of a pain in the ass!

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