Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Video On The New iPod Nano

Apple has just announced the release of the new iPod Nano which now plays video. The image to the left is from their website and I believe it represents the actual size of the screen. This Nano comes with the same drive space as the previous nanos, 4 or 8 GB, so you're not exactly going to stuff a lot of video on them although that's the same with the iPhone. If you really want a serious video player you should probably still consider the full sized iPod.

While the overall size doesn't appear to have grown to increase the potential screen size the new Nano appears to have gotten wider yet shorter. Unfortunately this makes it less sleek and it's going to be harder to slide into small pockets. While the added function of video is nice, let's be serious here, if you want to watch a movie, you need a bigger screen or you're going to lose your sight. I love my iPod Nano and while I've been considering picking up an additional Video iPod, I don't think I'll be investing in this one. In fact, I'm glad that we have two of the older generation iPod Nanos in our household as it looks like they will no longer be carried, because the sleek design fits my purposes much better.

I think Apple is making a mistake by discontinuing the old design and not allowing the option for it. Video is a cool feature, but it's not what I got my Nano for.

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